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Move Type

There are three main types of moves you can choose from: full service, self-service, and truck-rental A full service move leaves nearly all of the work to the moving company. They'll bring their truck to your current home, and they will pack up and load your belongings (if you want to pack any fragile items yourself, they'll often let you do so). A self-service move will bring a driver and truck to your home while you do the packing and loading. Once that's complete they'll hit the road with your belongings to your new home.


A truck rental is arranged with either one of our partner companies or a local truck rental company of your choice. You pick up the truck from the rental agency, load it up, drive it to your new home, and then return it to a specified lot nearby. Note that truck rentals will often have some extra charges added if you are moving to a new city versus just in-town.



Every move is classified in one of three ways: a local move, long distance move, or an international move. A local move is any move that is completed within the same state lines as your old home. Even if you've traveled to another city in the opposite corner of your current state, that's still a local move. On the other hand, a long distance move is any move that crosses state lines, even if that means you're only moving an hour away across the state border.


On top of the added distance, long distance moves tend to be more expensive and logistically challenging because of the extra licensing and insurance regulations movers must fulfill. You can probably guess that an international move will be the most challenging of the three kinds of moves. Not only will your movers need even more special licensing, you'll also deal with the logistics and regulations of getting your belongings across international borders and even overseas, depending on the new country you'll be moving to.


Size of Your Home 

You'll be able to determine the size of truck and the amount of labor needed during a move by the size of your home. We recommend to all customers renting a truck to reserve one that is at least 10 percent bigger than what you estimate in order to accommodate extra belongings or furniture and boxes that don't neatly fill space. Most companies rent out trucks starting at 10' in size for a studio or one bedroom apartment and additional sizes at 14', 17', 24', and all the way up to 26' for homes larger than four bedrooms or with extra furniture.


In addition to a truck rental, it may be necessary to purchase boxes for your move if you don't have enough already around your home. When packing, we recommend using a variety of box sizes. This will allow you to pack fragile items more compactly to minimize the risk of damage.


Date of Move 

Like most industries, moving has its peak and off-seasons. The summer months from May to September are peak season since families often look to move when their kids are out of school and inclement weather will be less of an issue. The costs of your move during this time of year are likely to be at their highest because the demand is greater and service availability is low – if available at all! If it's possible to complete an off-season move, we encourage you to do so to save money.



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