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Questions to Ask a Moving Company About Cost

Is moving more expensive at the beginning or end of the month? During the summer or winter? Moving is already a huge task logistically. On top of that,planning for it financially can be an even bigger task depending on how far your move will be and how large your home is. Try our free moving cost calculator and let Moving.com estimate the costs of your next move. 

Find Moving Companies to fit Your Budget 

We've created our moving cost calculator to be straightforward and easy to use. Let us know where you're moving from and the destination of your new home. Use the drop-down function to select the size of your move (in bedrooms), the packing services that you'll need, and your move date. We'll take all of these factors into consideration to give you an accurate and fair estimate from top movers. Once we've put together the estimate, you'll have the option to get up to four free quotes from different professional moving companies.


 What is Next on Your Moving Checklist?

At Moving.com, we want to help you prepare financially for everything involved in the move to your new home. In our suite of tools, we also offer a packing calculator to estimate the cost of packing your home based on its size; a move planner with customizable to do lists, weekly email alerts and coupons and other special offers to save during your move; and a utility finder to help you decide on the best TV, internet, and phone deals for your lifestyle. Let Moving.com help your next move go off without a hitch.


Source: Moving.com

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