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How to Hire a Moving Company 

Know What Type of Mover You Need to Hire

Before you start searching for a good mover, make sure you understandwhat type of move you'll be making.  The type of move will determine the type of moving company you should hire. You can start by understanding the difference between an interstate and intrastate move along with knowing just how far you'll be moving - all of which will limit the type of mover you'll need.

Do Your Research

It's a good idea to check out at least 10 movers by researching their history, understanding the signs of a rogue moving company and by knowing exactly what details will be involved in your move.

 Ask the Right Questions

Before I set-up any appointments for a mover to come see my household goods, I always interview each one over the phone. This way you can narrow down your choices to the top 3 and save yourself some time and effort.

Understand Mover Estimates & Know Which One is Best for You 

Moving estimates can be a little confusing with some companies not offering a choice between the two. While you're interviewing the mover on the phone, ask about estimates - find out what they offer and whether that will be your best option.

Understand Mover Fees to Avoid Increased Moving Costs 

One of my very first moves caught me completely off-guard when the movers' estimate was almost double what they had originally quoted. I refused to pay until someone went over the bill of lading step-by-step. What I discovered was that there were fees charged for additional services I hadn't anticipated. So, don't get caught - find out what you could be charged for extra services.

Check Out Mover Complaint Registries

Complaint registries are a good place to do some research on the potential company. You'll find invaluable advice from people who have good and bad tales to tell. Also, while you're scoping out moving companies, if you have anything you've experience that you think others should know about, go online and let your voice be heard.

Source: Moving.com

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